Stories in the Dark

Marion Leeper, Storyteller

A storytelling show for children aged 2-7

Dive inside the magical story tent and find out who stole the darkness, why the sun and the moon are high and dry in the sky and how three monkeys came to be in a canoe. Full of twinkling lights, vibrant colours and just a touch of darkness, the story tent provides the perfect storytelling adventure for 2- 5 year olds.

Experience the wonder of stories that feature darkness and light. Join in, be part of the fun and explore the magic of the dark in a delightfully safe place.

The story tent is one of the smallest theatres in the world! With only 15 people at any one time (including adults), young children will have the chance to join in with the story, to talk and to play. You will never have heard stories told like this before – storyteller Marion Leeper creates a charmingly unforgettable family experience. Each show lasts for 30 minutes, with time to explore the tent and its treasures afterwards.

“Combines all of children’s favourite things: stories, dens and playtime!”

“Magical, gentle and fun”



Booking the show

Launched at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, Stories in the Dark has visited arts centres, festivals, schools and libraries around the country. For information on how to book, please contact me on or find out where you can see Stories in the Dark here:

Technical requirements:

The show is 30 minutes long: or can be extended with an additional 20-minute hands-on session exploring the resources and equipment. The tent is 2m square, and 2.5m high, (this can be lowered to 2.4 metres). It needs access to one electric point. 16 people maximum, including adults, fit in the tent: children need at least one adult accompanying them. It takes 2 hours to put it up, and 1 hour to take down. It needs to be indoors and if possible out of direct sunlight.