Once upon a number

To tie in with my book, Developing Early Maths through Story, I offer sessions for children and adults that will transform your thinking about mathematics.

For Foundation and KS1, sing-along, join-in stories make maths relevant, fun and accessible. Steal cakes with Anansi, or meet the rainbow snake.

At KS2 dilemma stories encourage logical thinking and decision-making: which road should you take through the forest? Should you plan for tomorrow or enjoy today? I also offer fun, hands-on sessions for teachers and for parents on maths play.

Developing Early Maths through Story is published by Practical Preschool Books. A Maths book with a difference, it uses story as a creative springboard for mathematical activities. It’s designed to help early years practitioners feel more confident about teaching early mathematics, using stories and rhymes to demonstrate concepts in ways that are both fun and meaningful to children.

It takes mathematics outdoors, into the role play area, the snack table, and is designed to show carers at home how many of their everyday activities are building their children’s understanding of mathematics. It will also encourage those who feel they could never tell a story, applying it as an effective tool for teaching and learning.

The book contains 14 sections of activities each based on a traditional story to be told not read, as well as advice on storytelling techniques and a light touch overview of teaching maths in the early years.

"A good resource that I am happy to recommend students to buy….. ideas that will help them think differently about maths.’" Gillian Ellis, Lecturer, Cheadle College.

“I promise that you will be feeling excited about maths by the time you have read and tried out one of these ideas/activities” Martine Horvath, EYE magazine.